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Why is Instagram so Popular in 2019?

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If you ask anyone about the most popular social media platforms, Instagram is likely to come up on their list. In many cases, it will be the number one most popular site.

Why is Instagram so popular in 2019, and is it likely to become even more so?

Why do people love Instagram? -- Most people love looking at beautiful photographs, especially when they are uploaded to individual accounts.

Photographs give you an interesting look into someone else's life. A look you would not be able to get if you only had the written word to go by. Instagram provides that look by allowing anyone to upload photographs about anything.

Celebrity accounts -- Thousands of celebrities have Instagram accounts, and some of them have millions of followers.

Fans enjoy being able to not only see new daily photos of their favorite celebrities, but they also like to have a window into their lives. If that window includes the places the visit, the food they eat and the friends they spend time with, even better.

Meeting new people -- Instagram can be a great place to meet people that may have similar interests as you. This is easy to discover by following specific tags and then checking out someone's photographs. If they like similar things, and visit similar places, they may be a good person to get to know better.

Instagram makes it even easier for people to connect by providing both a comments section and a private messaging component.

Instagram is popular in 2019 because it encompasses everything people love about the Internet.

It is interesting, there is always new content being uploaded, it is easy to interact with people and there is a large celebrity contingent represented on the site.

With videos as well as photographs, it really is one of the most interesting places online.

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